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However, this friction can also be experienced as the potential for growth. When two planets are two signs apart, they form a sextile. This harmony arises because planets sextile one another are necessarily in the same-polarity sign. Polarity is the concept of yin and yang, two sides of a spectrum — the yin planets are earth or water signs and the yang planets are fire and air signs. Like semisextiles, sextiles are not super powerful aspects, but they will promote ease and flow between the planets.

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Planets are described as being square to one another when they are three signs apart. Squares produce tension — either in the form of stress or motivating action. This is because signs that are square to one another have nothing in common except being of the same quadruplicity, or the quality of being a cardinal, fixed, and mutable sign. Cardinal signs initiate, fixed signs build, and the mutable signs adapt.

Planets that are square to each other can manifest as conflict because they have different interests and objectives, but similar styles of achieving them thanks to being of the same quadruplicity.

For example, Aries is square Capricorn. One is a fire sign; the other is earth. They are both cardinal signs, meaning both like to take initiative. Conflict is inevitable, but a square can also force creative innovation. Trines are always in the same element of fire, earth, water, or air, and they are almost universally considered the best possible relationship between two planets. Trines are harmonious and fortunate. The only downside is they can manifest as a laziness born of not having to work very hard in the areas where the trine exists.

Planets are said to be quincunx or inconjunct to one another when they are five signs apart. Quincunx signs have nothing in common with each other — they are of different polarities yin and yang , elements fire, earth, air, and water and quadruplicities cardinal, fixed, mutable. A quincunx in the birth chart can feel like having multiple conflicting personalities. If an astrology chart was a musical score, a quincunx would be the discordant minor-key note that builds toward the crescendo found in our next aspect, the opposition. Oppositions have a polarizing, mirroring or balancing effect, depending on the level of awareness achieved in those areas of life where the opposing planets exist.

A polarizing opposition feels like two conflicting forces. Two people with opposing aspects may have the tendency to create an enemy of the other, based on the projection of their own subconscious issues onto the other person. When the two forces get to know one another better and recognize their similarities or shared goal, they evolve into a mirroring opposition. This can manifest as you looking for the traits of an opposing planet in another person, rather than seeing or developing it in yourself. As the two forces cooperate and form a balancing opposition, they become integrated into a coherent, functional whole.

Astrological aspects are all about the nature of relationships — between planets, asteroids, angles, or any other element that can be read in an astrology chart.

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The progression of these astrological aspects can be read as the energetic evolution of relationships, from union to conflict to the integration of polarities. In the meantime make sure to check out our other introductory posts, including The Planets and Their Meanings and The Meanings of Asteroids in Astrology.

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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Here are seven important aspects in astrology and what each represents: Conjunct Same sign : Union Semisextile 1 sign apart : Growing Pains Sextile 2 signs apart : Ease Square 3 signs apart : Tension Trine 4 signs apart : Harmony Quincunx 5 signs apart : Discord Opposite 6 signs apart : Balance Conjunct: Unity When two planets are in the same sign, they are said to be conjunct one another.

This is when trines maintain the status quo. Trine are not a force for change.

There are cases when the trine could be facilitating an undesirable situation. Square — divided by 4. Planets in square are very much aware of each other, unlike the opposition.

The Secret of the Aspects: Your Challenges and your Tools to raise your Self-Awareness

They are constantly getting in each others way. Squares spur you on, to work your hardest and make you see things from every possible view. They force you out of your comfort zone and to face the unpleasant truth. They are not a holiday in the Sun no, but boy do they make you grow. Squares are Martian, they are tough-love and tough-tittie.

They do get easier with age. Squares are associated with the number four, matter and manifestation. It is true that there is some fear induced by the square, but this fuels a kind of fight or flight response. The muscles tense up and action is produced. Without it we would achieve nothing. The negative side is when the square energy does not take the rest it needs, the stress builds up to dangerous levels and becomes destructive rather than constructive.

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When the square is worked on it becomes a diamond. Sextile — divided by 6. Again we always look at the planets. If a chart has lots of squares, a sextile will not really be enough to calm things down, it will add a giggle and a tease, but it can easily be taken the wrong way. If the planets get along then they will banter with each other quite easily and this can be a very nice creative combo, maybe not so self-satisfied like the trine.

It can build a nice bridge between planets also. It has an opportunist vibe to it.

The planets actively encourage each other to be themselves. A sextile does not fall asleep with all that poking and prodding. Quincunx — divided by The quincunx continues the story of the 3 Trine , 6 Sextile , 12 Quincunx.

Sextile Aspects in the Complete Horoscope

So really it should be counted as a soft aspect. But as you see with the 1 Conjunction , 2 Opposition , 4 Square. Life as we get older gets more complex and carries ever more baggage and karma. The quincunx is simply a reflection of that evolution. Its meaning is a little ambiguous and seems to derive from the fact that signs in quincunx share neither element, gender or mode.

Therefore the danger of the quincunx is in its passive-aggressive quality. Once you do work it out, then the quincunx can become very powerful indeed. On the positive side the quincunx works like dissonance in music. It is getting two unlikely items working together like a dream, like a jam and cheese sandwich. The quincunx is a sophisticated resolution of differences. The quincunx is also known as a karmic aspect and could be why it appears so often in synastry. When the quincunx is worked on and resolved, that internal irritation, the grit in the shell, makes pearls. Aspect Patterns : Yod , Rack.

What does that mean for me? Hello, what do you know about Lilith contra-parallel Pluto and the Sun? Can you please do an article on Uranus and Neptune square Lilith?