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Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Career: You would have a satisfying job. You will get expected results with some delay. Employment opportunities may f Capricorn Business: Your business will be normal, and you need to make some adjustments to your work. Your thoughts on partnershi Capricorn Professionals: This month it is going to be the best period for you. Your reputation may increase, and it will prosper well i Capricorn Health: Health-wise, you may suffer from knee pains. There will be a deficiency of calcium in the body. The increase i Capricorn Student and Education: Students will continue their successful education.

You may plan for a jolly trip with friends which will be a Capricorn General: This year, you may reach new landmarks in life.

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You would be confident to face any situation and shall transfo Capricorn Career and Business: This year, you would be busy with your profession. You would earn a lot of money to meet your expenses. You ma Capricorn Love and Relationships: At the beginning of the year, you may feel a bit confused concerning your relationship. With days passing over Capricorn Money and Finances: Patience, perseverance, and performance hold the key to your success in Your treasury shall never turn e You have to take care of one aspect and that is pessimistic thinking.

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How you perceive the world and face challenges will determine your rise and your fortunes as well. There will be a dramatic increase in your emotion for your home country. This is a fantastic year for education, goals related to children and romance too! The Capricorn individuals are likely to have a great run in as Jupiter stays in transit 11th to your natal moon, for most part of the year. Many of things that you have worked hard for in the past, may come to fruition.

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The factor to keep note of is that Sade Sati is ongoing and the largest share of the pie will go to the ones that are willing to work hard and put in the effort. There is promise of a promotion or a raise or both! Those looking for suitable employment may be able to get a stable job.

Some Capricorn individual honoured on a public forum. There may be monetary rewards or grants too. Individuals engaged in business are able to connect with like-minded people and take work to a whole new level. There could be lucrative contracts or projects bagged too.

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However do remember that humility has its longstanding advantages. Also keep communication cordial and maintain respect for authority and boundaries. It is best to avoid getting into any legal tangles. It is an exceptional year for academicians, individuals taking competitive exams, sports person and those with a career in the armed forces as well! While financial gains are indicated, it is best if you make efforts to bolster your savings for the years to come!

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The year brings several opportunities for travel and these may be to unusual locations. While there is good experience and money, you may sometime fall prey to a sense of loneliness or that you have got caught in a not — so — supportive environment. These could be a result of overanalyses and you can avoid doing so by structuring your day and keeping yourself constructively occupied.

Negative Qualities With the moon in Capricorn, these individuals find it difficult to deal with emotions and are actually scared of such delicate issues. They can be too harsh on themselves. Quite often they feel that they give more than they get in return. In a relationship, they can be insensitive to the needs and emotions of their beloved.

They worry too much, and find it extremely difficult to relate to those who have different values and beliefs.

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They have a hard time discussing their own troubles. It is difficult for them to feel relaxed and satisfied with what they have.

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They also have a strong fear of rejection. Another negative quality of these individuals is that unless everything is clear cut, they can feel very insecure. They also find it difficult to let go of anger and resentment, which can lead to adverse effects on their health. Also, read our section on Capricorn Women.

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